atelier wonderful 2006 

Responding to the need of a space for meeting and sharing ideas around art, where proximity between organizers/creators and the public is essential, Atelier Wonderful took place in Bertrand and Sandrine 's apartment-studio beginning in February 2006.

Atelier Wonderful took place over 5 months, at the rate of at least one weekly meeting (art installation or presentation, video projection, lecture &) between a creator or an artwork and the public.
This supported rhythm of events, accommodated by a reconfiguration of the Atelier space each week, aimed to drive a new dynamic in the contemporary art field over a determined period in Ho Chi Minh city.
Free access to an art library of international books and magazines, exchanges between Vietnamese and foreign people, visual artists, illustrators, musicians, performers, film makers, architects and students, the dialog which was established.... all played the role of revealing the aesthetic transversalities among different fields and cultures.
This impelled the creation of new artistic collaborations independent of Wonderful District.