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Emilie Viaut

friday 17 july 2009

Emilie Viaut is a Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology of Art at the New Sorbonne University - Paris III, France and at the Research Centre on Social Links - CERLIS, Paris. She currently finalises the writing of her dissertation supervised by Pr Bruno Péquignot, Research Director.
Based on qualitative methods, this research aims to explore contemporary artists’ career path and strategies, toward an international and comparative case study:
Wonderful District, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Espace 29, Bordeaux, France
She dedicated two years of her Doctorate meeting and interviewing the promoters and the artists hosted in studios of Espace 29.
Now, she conducts a research stay in Vietnam thanks to the Vent d’Est funding delivered by the French Embassy in Vietnam. She is settled in Asia from January to December 2009 in order to complete a cooperative experience with the Vietnamese Research Institute on Culture and Arts – VICAS, Hanoï.
She meanwhile carries out collecting data on her research fieldwork in Ho Chi Minh city, next to Wonderful District. She is working with Sandrine Llouquet and Bertrand Peret since December 2003, observing their career trajectory for five years. This perspective steadily updated through interviews builds up a rich corpus of data about their work. It witnesses as well the evolution of their reflexion on Art and the new forms that take their artistic plans/ projects/ actions.
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thursday 19 june 2008

aliceIN est un concept Wonderful District dont l’élément principal est une structure organique nomade et modulable conçue par Tâm Vo Phi et Olivier Llouquet /// aliceIN s’adapte aux différents contextes /// à chaque nouvel environnement correspond un nouveau projet artistique /// aliceIN a été montré pour la première fois en octobre 2007 au Vietnam dans le cadre du Mois de L’image d’Ho Chi Minh Ville ////////////////////// aliceIN is a Wonderful District concept /// the main element is a nomadic and modular organic structure designed by Tâm Vo Phi and Olivier Llouquet /// aliceIN blends and changes so as to fit the context /// at each location a new installation is called to inhabit it /// aliceIN has been presented for the first time in october 2007 in Vietnam during Le Mois de L’image of Ho Chi Minh City //////////////////////

The Bui Gallery

Consulat Général de France à Ho Chi Minh Ville

transPOP: Korea Viet Nam Remix

monday 17 december 2007

2007.12.18 – 2008.2.29

Opening reception ARKO Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2007.12.18, 5 pm

ARTISTS: BAE Young Whan, Min Hwa CHOI Chul-Hwan, Tiffany CHUNG, Sowon KWON, Lin + Lam (Lana LIN + H. Lan Thao LAM), An-My LE, Dinh Q. LE, Sandrine LLOUQUET, LEE Yong-baek, Tran LUONG, Ly Hoang LY, Nguyen Manh HUNG, OH Yongseok, Area PARK, Sanghee SONG, Soon-Mi YOO

Curators’ Statement

transPOP: Korea Viet Nam Remix introduces a dynamic mix of sixteen critically acclaimed artists from Korea, Viet Nam, and the United States, signaling an unprecedented engagement with the rich historic and contemporary linkages between Korea and Viet Nam. The featured artworks explore interconnections between the two countries, including the intersections of history, trauma, and contemporary popular culture. The interactions between Viet Nam and Korea span centuries but the exhibition focus lies in their shared history of a highly accelerated modernization process with militarized roots and the Cold War. During the American War in Viet Nam, the Republic of Korea was the second largest foreign military and economic presence in Viet Nam behind the United States, with over 300,000 combat forces and approximately 24,000 skilled workers in exchange for substantial U.S. aid. The financial boon from the involvement in the war played a catalytic role in the development of Korea, laying the foundation for what is now the world’s 12th largest economy. The legacy of the Cold Wars is evident in the large Korean and Vietnamese diasporic communities in the U.S. In Vietnam, this accelerated modernity is evident in the breakneck speed of current economic development, as well as its entry into the World Trade Organization.

Since the late nineties, Viet Nam and Korea has witnessed a significant development of popular culture, fostering greater cultural proximity locally and abroad. A global phenomenon known as the "Korean Wave," has popularized Korean television dramas, pop stars, music, films, and fashion through East, Southeast Asia and beyond since the new millennium. As part of a growing inter-Asian flow of pop culture, the Korean Wave has had a significant impact in Vietnam, spurring numerous joint efforts between the two countries. V-Pop, or Vietnamese pop music and film, has created an explosion of pop stars and media products in Viet Nam and overseas. These popular representations of the negotiations between modernity and tradition, in addition to burgeoning consumer culture, suggest new subjectivities. The triangulated relationship between Korea, Vietnam and the U.S. forged through war in Vietnam is also manifest in the increased cross-pollination of cultural influence and exchange.

Viet Le and Yong Soon Min

Exhibition: The exhibition features 50 works of art by a diverse mix of 16 emerging and established artists from Viet Nam and Korea and their respective diasporas in the U.S. A broad range of approaches are evident, from playful interpretations of popular culture to reflections on violence and its vestiges, to critiques of modernity, the state, and memorialization. Listening & Reading Lounge/Timeline: In the [Strong emphasis] [Emphasis] [Inserted] [Deleted] [Inline quote] [Code] [Line break] [Blockquote] [Preformated text] [Unordered list] [Ordered list] [Link] [External image] [Internal image] midst of artworks, the lounge offers a place to relax and to browse through publications that have informed the interdisciplinary project, as well as to listen to a related mix of K-pop and V-pop since the 1960s. The timeline chronicles significant events that reflect the scope of the exhibition.

Symposium: On January 18-19, 2008 ARKO will host a related interdisciplinary symposium focusing on transnational exchanges and the intersections of history, trauma, and popular culture with leading international artists, scholars and organizers connected to Korea, Australia, Japan, Viet Nam, and the U.S. We aim to facilitate creative and critical discourse, as well as extend and historicize current understandings of the transnational circuits of commerce, culture, politics, and desire. This symposium will also include a curator-led exhibition tour and a showcase of short and feature-length films from Viet Nam and its diasporas.

Residencies: Vietnamese and Vietnamese American artists including Tiffany Chung (Ho Chi Minh City), Tran Luong (Hanoi), collaborative team Lin+Lam (New York), and Ly Hoang Ly (Ho Chi Minh City) created new work for the exhibition during a summer 2007 studio residency program in Seoul hosted by Ssamzie Space with lodgings provided by Insa Art Space. These residencies further fostered international exchange.
aero P

sunday 16 december 2007

Hotel Burrhus at Vaison La Romaine, France will receive a sound and video live event performed by Thierry Bernard and Sandrine Llouquet via Broadcast Internet real-time. Using the Lounge Space of the hotel, Saigon based artists will delocate a Lounge Event Moment celebrating at Atelier Wonderful.
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Rokovoko (Mogas Station) - Shenzhen and Hong-Kong Biennale, 8 December, 2007 to 9 March 2008, China

saterday 8 december 2007

December 8th 2007 to March 9th 2008
Curator: Biljana Ciric
Participating artists : Miljohn Ruperto, (Philippines / USA), Mogas Station, (Vietnam), Yap Sau Bin, (Malaysia), Jin Feng (China), Xiang Liqing(China), Susanne Winterling (Germany), Tang Maohong(China)
Wonderful evening

friday 9 november 2007

Established in 1994 by Ong Keng Sen and based in Singapore, the Flying Circus Project is a major programme exploring creative expression in Asia now. This transcultural, inter-disciplinary, long-term research and development programme consists of performances, screenings, conversations, laboratories, workshops, talks and engagement with the local communities. This year the 6th edition of the Flying Circus Project stopped in Ho Chi Minh City from Monday 5th to Friday 9th november. By coming to Vietnam it became the opportunity of a new collaboration with the HCMC based artists group Wonderful District. Following “A Wonderful Weekend” they organized at 72-13 in Singapore last April, Wonderful District has been invited to curate the closing event of the Flying Circus Project : “The Wonderful Evening”. For this special arty party, Wonderful District has decided to invite Thierry Bernard, a French artist who will present some videos & sound installations and will do a live music and video performance with Sandrine Llouquet. Micmac and Rich Streitmatter-Tran will also collaborate in another live music and video performance.

- Friday, November 9th
7pm – 8pm:
“airmax” by Thierry Bernard >>> series of live music performances for five people only
8pm – 8.30pm:
“floating desert discovery” by Thierry Bernard & Sandrine Llouquet >>> live music and video performance
8.45pm – 9.15pm:
Micmac & Rich Streitmatter-Tran >>> live music and video performance
9.15pm – 0.00am:
Dj sets with Beton , Micmac +++ guests...
- Saturday, November 10th
Presentation of some sound and video works by Thierry Bernard
8pm – 0.00am:
Dj sets with Beton, JVC +++ guests…

44 - 44 Mac Thi Buoi – District 1 – HO CHI MINH CITY

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Micmac on
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Rokovoko (Mogas Station) - Le mois de l'image, Fine Art Museum, 4-14 October, 2007, Ho Chi Minh city

thursday 4 october 2007

Comprised of seven Ho Chi Minh City-based artists and architects, Mogas Station is the result of an encounter that represents varying kinds of migration. The multicultural and interdisciplinary nature of the group illustrates the dynamism and cosmopolitanism of today’s Ho Chi Minh City.

Mogas Station presents a video titled Rokovoko, filmed in 2007 for the Venice Biennale.
Each taking turns on a white plank, the members of the collective navigate the uncontrollable sea. The immaculate raft, suggesting a chunk of an iceberg, is a virgin earth. And the raft is floating, like social and cultural phenomena establishing a relationship with a larger world.
Queequeg was a native of Rokovoko, an island far away to the West and South. It is not down on any map; true places never are.
Herman Melville, Moby Dick

Location: Fine Arts Museum - 97A Pho Duc Chinh - District 1 - Ho Chi Minh city
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aliceIN... Saigon - Le mois de l'image, 4-5-6-7 October 2007, Ho Chi Minh city
aliceIN... Saigon

For the Month of Image, the work of Wonderful District will principally focus around an architectural form named aliceIN..., conceived by the architect Tam Vo Phi and the engineer Olivier Llouquet.
Although there will be one artist intervention per day, Alice will be conceived as an autonomous work that can stand alone. From outside, the viewer will see an asymmetrical and illuminated structure whose elongated appearance will be slightly modified from one location to another. This irregular and undefined structure will not only evoke an organic evolving form - a kind of larva or cocoon; it is an emblematic, sculptural structure and an exhibition space as well.
Situated at the intersection of themes researched by the Collective artists – from the adaptation of the artist to a new context, to architectural modifications and hybrid beings, the cohabitation between nature and new technologies, and the idea of nomadism – this structure will use both high- and low-tech material. These characteristics will be accentuated playfully contrasting interior and exterior.
Participants: Richard Streitmatter-Tran, Nhu Huy, Robert Cianchi, Bertrand Peret and Sandrine Llouquet.

October 4: Fine Arts Museum - 97A Pho Duc Chinh - District 1 - Ho CHi Minh city
October 5: Galerie Quynh - 65 De Tham - District 1 - Ho Chi Minh city
October 6: IDECAF - 31 Thai Van Lung - District 1 - Ho CHi Minh city
October 7: Photography Association - 122 Suong Nguyet Anh - District 1 - Ho Chi Minh city
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Requiem for a wall, Galerie Quynh, 21st of July 2007

saterday 21 july 2007

This one-day exhibition has been organized in response to the news that the warehouse the gallery now occupies is slated for demolition next month.
Requiem for a wall will be the first and only exhibition in the gallery's newly renovated space.

Tuan Andrew Nguyen and Ha Thuc Phu Nam will present a new 7-minute single channel video titled 'Hesitation proclamations: Uh… a proposal for a Vietnamese landscape?' The near life-size projection features the word 'Uh...' written as a graffiti tag on various public walls throughout Ho Chi Minh City. As passersby stroll past Uh's work and traffic whizzes along the streets, we realize that we are viewing an imagined landscape inside the artist's head. This work explores not only Vietnam's shifting landscapes, both cultural and physical, but also questions the reality of change. Are the changes actual or simply perceived - fleeting visions of a potential future?

Sandrine Llouquet will realize a drawing on a part of the gallery wall constructed to conceal two original windows. The work is a poetic, ephemeral gesture that reaffirms the windows' presence. At the same time, the drawing could also be seen as a blueprint for creation.

A Wonderful Weekend 5,6,7 April 2007, Singapore

thursday 5 april 2007

A wonderful week end took place at 72-13 in Singapore from April 5 to 7. This art event included two new installations by Bertrand Peret and Sandrine Llouquet, video animations by french artist Stephane Cochard and a selection of works by creators who have been working with Wonderful/Wonderful District. Electronic music live performances by Vu Nhat Tan , Robert Cianchi, NS101, and video projections by Jean Phan, Rich Streitmatter-Tran and Sandrine Llouquet, DJ sessions by Be-tong, Fugu, NS101 and JVC took place during 3 nights. At the same time, A Wonderful Weekend aimed to draw a portrait of Wonderful through a non-exhaustive but representative selection of works and documents and through talks and presentations.
>>>>>>>>>> Exhibitions>>>>>>>>>> Bertrand Peret and Sandrine Llouquet : "Le temps est magnifique", light installation (space 1) Stephane Cochard : "Sunday" (videoprojection), "Variations in ASCIImation", ASCIImation (space 1) Bertrand Peret : "Running around my brain", video installation (space 2) Sandrine Llouquet : Untitled (Every time the bell rings and I take off the cover, I seem to find something I've never seen before.), installation and videoanimations (space 3)